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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on January 28, 2015. #1 of 20 Reviews

Well, when I got here I had little expectations about the ceremonies because all the others ceremonies I have tried in Peru have more or less the same characteristics: foreign people running Ayahuasca ceremonies and a few natives (or none of them) working or taking part on the rituals, huge groups of people, most of them beginners as I was, having to deal with the “visiones” by themselves and a few explanations about the Shaman’s work on the cure process. But with Ayar everything has gone through a different way: it was only me and 2 more people being attended by 3 people of their staff. Ayar had a long conversation before the ceremony to know why I was there and the reasons that made me look for this kind of treatment. He gave a long explanations about the western medicines I was taking and why they didn’t work reasonable for me. Then, during the ceremony, in which I took a short glass of Ayahuasca, I had strong and powerful visions that made me feel tired while he was encouraging me to keep strong and pay attention to all the things I was seeing. It was magical and a bit painful because I had so many stuff to deal with. And all the time Ayar and his wife were looking after me, singing songs that changed every vision, blowing me with their tobacco pipes to give some relief of my own pain. They were very close to me during all the process and I felt like an ill child being caressed by the healers. After the first ceremony, I had 2 more with them. All the 3 ceremonies were completely different in visions and feelings, but in all of them I felt that I wasn’t alone, that they were really looking after me and helping me to deal with my problems. Now I’m back home and all the information I have accessed makes sense for me. Its a process and I’m dealing very well with this all. What surprised mostly was the way he conducts the ceremony. He really looks after for each one participating in this rituals. I could feel that he really knows what he was doing and, after each ceremony I took part, I felt an immense relief of my pain. It was such a good experience that I’m planning to go back to Peru next year and spend more time with them. Thank you very much for such relief you gave me in my life!

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