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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on November 24, 2016. #1 of 110 Reviews

I found Eagle Condor Alliance after a thorough search on the internet. I was struggling with severe PTSD and needed more relief than could be provided through available medical/counseling treatments. A social worker who was helping me find adequate therapies said that “It has been said that ayahuasca is a very helpful treatment for people with PTSD.” She made sure to be off the record for her recommendation but made sure that I was clear of how helpful she thought it could be for me. I researched every site I could find since I heard about the importance of traditions being honored and the importance of a shaman who had a lot of experience as well as reverence for the medicine.

When I found Eagle Condor Alliance I was impressed by their detailed lists of what would be a safe way to prepare for the experience. I also appreciated how they were conscientious of screening and skyping with me to know that I was ready to commit myself to this intense experience. The thing that made me know I was in safe hands was when I was skyping for intake and had an emotional moment and Jesse (one of the boys as I call them) heard my emotion and immediately sat up and came to close attention to take in my heart.

Being there was intense. I was not able to partake of the first few ceremonies due to my moon cycle. I was very respectful of the reasons for that and was aware before travel that this was an issue to be discussed. This establishment is very traditional and that is why I trusted them with my most vulnerable subconscious self. They showed themselves to be worthy of that trust.

Over my week with three of my favourite people I had a vulnerable healing time where some things in my life changed forever. Greison was very in touch with the energy going on in the maloka and came to my aid before I sensed a need. I am a highly sensitive person. Also, each of the Three Amigos were very attentive and walked me through the process. More than anyone, Bobby was such a kindred soul and shared stories and songs with me that gave me courage. Hugging them all goodbye was so sad since we shared such a deep experience. I hope to see this team again.

All I can say to any females is that it is very important to plan your ayahuasca trip around your moon cycle. Don’t lie about it. We are all energetic beings and our cycle is not the time to partake of deep spiritual cleansing… My first ayahuasca was at the end of my cycle and it was amazing but super intense. If you could plan for being there at the end of your cycle you will not miss out on any sessions. Just make sure to not bother being dishonest. This is an very energetically sensitive medicine. Some people think it’s not a big deal, but even at the end of my cycle the intensity was huge. Great people to share your soul with

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