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Shamanic Vida

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+51 937440528

Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on February 8, 2017. #1 of 69 Reviews

I just finished my retreat of six days today, it was exactly the thing I needed. Thank you guys so much for making this a life changing point for me. So many of the questions I had were answered by mother ayahuasca and the san pedro. How can I put this experience into words? Healing, self-realization, universal consciousness, love, caring, understanding, release, truth, cleaning, higher purpose, intuitive, positive. growth, relaxing… There’s more but what it comes down to is they helped me where I did not think I needed help or growth. I was liberated and educated. Going home with a confidence that I can do what I need to. Everyone in my family and friends will hear about my peru trip and how they need to come visit you guys. Muchas gracias!!

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