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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on October 19, 2017. #1 of 86 Reviews

Profoundly transformative, surrounded by knowledgeable, sensitive, caring facilitators and Shipibo healers for whom safety was paramount. Every detail of set and setting was attended to. The food was fantastic as was the facility. Their devotion to sustainable agriculture and habitation makes me proud to have chosen this place to do my work. Wonderfully enlightening permaculture walk through the jungle. The facilitators model what personal growth looks like. One of the most important aspects of what The Temple provides is continuing after care to support the integration process. Having left the The Temple only a few days ago, i have a deep appreciation for their belief that 50% of the work is done in ceremony with Ayahuasca and the healers and 50% is the integration work that one must commit to afterward to hold onto and put into practice the insights acquired from the medicine. From my research into other centers, i have not found the same level of support and resources that The Temple is providing to its attendees. From day one after my departure i have been using this support to stay in touch with what i have learned. It has helped me to stay open and in a place of non judgementally observing my reactions and responses to the world beyond the jungle so that i can continue to grow. I miss the jungle, the maestros and maestras, the facilitators and my fellow attendees. Usually within a group one finds at least one or two peple who are having a hard time and can make it difficult for others. I credit The Temple’s screening process for bringing together people from all over the world who generously shared their genius and their wisdom with me. I will be forever grateful. I will return.

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