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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on June 28, 2019. #1 of 110 Reviews

This retreat was my first experience using any kind of medicine as well as travelling outside the country, it was an absolutely amazing journey. From the beginning the facilitators were always available to answer questions and concerns even before arriving to Colombia, as well as assisting with arriving to the retreat’s location. Even without the use of the medicines the traditions and ceremonies were beautiful to be witness to, the facilitators were genuine in their beliefs and there was never a moment where I felt the retreat was a touristy gimmick. Everything in the ceremonies had a purpose and there was so much meticulous detail in the rituals that the facilitators told us it would take years to fully explain every component, which I believe. The first night I felt like an foreign outsider being allowed to watch their sacred traditions, but by morning I felt welcome as a family member, never feeling like I was treated differently.

​Jesse, Hans, Bobby, and Jacob were all authentic and very knowledgeable. They were nothing like hippy purist types that some might be expecting. They’re all down to earth and appreciate humor, they’re very easy to relate to and feel comfortable with. Each of them have a unique personality, but they work together extremely well. The way they handle the retreat and respected each individual was something I felt I could learn from for my own day to day life. ​

​The environment was beautiful, not too far out in the middle of nowhere and not in a busy city. About a 30min drive from the airport, it felt like a relief not having to make a long journey there. When the schedule permitted we were allowed to go for walkinto to town which is fairly close and it never felt dangerous to walk out alone. I would have like to be able to go on a short hike or trail but once we began taking the medicine that wouldn’t have been the best idea. Weather was great, we were lucky to have sunshine for the majority of our stay, although if felt very cool and refreshing be aware that due to the high elevation it is very easy to get sun burnt. The nights and some of the days were chilly so make sure the bring a light jacket or long sleeved shirts.​

The food is great and delicious, the best meals you’ve ever had after a long ceremony. Leidi and Margarita are very hospitable and loving by making sure everyone is taken care of. There is light fasting before the ceremonies so just be aware of that

​Gonzalo and Leonidas are the real deal, at a glance they may look like regular people, but once you partake in the ceremony you realize the power that they both hold. During the day I felt the medicine become stronger just with their presence on the property. They are both authentic and genuine who absolutely believe in the power of the medicine, everyone at the retreat holds complete respect for these two and its deserved.

I chose Eagle condor alliance based off reviews I read so I wanted to try to make a fitting review of my trip. Although it was my only experience, I would absolutely come to the same retreat again, also wanting to bring family and friends along if they’re interested. I feel I’ve written too much but at the same time I feel it’s not enough to express my gratitude for everyone at the Eagle Condor Alliance, thank you all so much

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