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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on June 15, 2019. #1 of 55 Reviews

I had the blessing of attending a ten day retreat at Pisatahua on March 2019 and I don’t have enough words to describe the love I feel now for this place and the people I met here. It is located in the Amazonian jungle, not so easy to get there but the host, Erick, picked us up at Riberalta’s airport and took us to the retreat center. He always looked that we had everything we needed to be comfortable (i.e. water, laundry, flashlights, candles, food, etc.) The location is stunning; there are wooden huts hidden amongst the trees and overlooking the river. We loved the hammock in the rooms where you could lay down and relax. The food was delicious, although keep in mind that there will be some days with very restricted diet due to the ceremonies. Remember to take insect repellent as well, do not underestimate the Bolivian jungle!
Our healers, Wayra and Guido, where for sure cut-out for their jobs. Although they look young, you can definitely tell they have the knowledge and wisdom of all their ancestors. The way they conducted the ceremonies was beautiful, the music was perfect and they really knew how to read the room. They were also readily available for any questions or for just talking during the day. Needless to say that my experience with the ceremonies was always beautiful and it completely changed who I am, I felt so much love for everything and everyone there (new brothers and sisters), and I felt forever closer to my Inner Light.
All in all, I would say that if you’re looking for the real deal of a life-changing ayahuasca retreat then look no more. Pisatahua is the best place you will find, I cannot recommend it enough.

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