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Los Cielos Peru

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Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on July 11, 2017. #1 of 20 Reviews

As a student of plant medicine for about 10 years now, and having the opportunity to visit reveral retreat centers around the world and specially Peru, I can say my visit to Los Cielos has been the most profound and nurishing experience I have ever been part of. As soon as I arrived to Pucallpa, I was greeted by Sylvie and Tyler at the airport. Their commitment to ensure I was safe, confortable and at peace was immediately felt. Los Cielos is at deep in into the Amazonian jungle as you can get. Allowing you to really feel the energy of the medicines and the healing that they can offer. From the food, the setting, the way the space is held, you are in for an amazing transformative experience that will be difficult to replicate. This is not your turist trap ayahuasca retreat center. This is a place where you can really get deep work done, completely disconnected from the city distractions, yet have all the basic comforts necessary to allow yourself to relax and receive. The array of Shamans working at los cielos will allow you to understand what this work is all about, and with the expertise of Syvie and hard work and determination of Tyler, you will be assured a beautiful integration of the profound experience that you will witness. Thank you for following your calling! I can’t wait to be back. Blessings!

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