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San Pedro Workshops

Listed in San Pedro (Huachuma)

Lentag, Ecuador

Reviewed on April 29, 2018. #1 of 72 Reviews

So I had felt called to do plant medicine for some time. I had a strong inner feeling that it could offer me a sort of crucial missing piece in my healing work. When I read about San Pedro I knew it was the medicine for me. I was attracted to its light, healing, warm and self-assured kind of qualities, sensing that these characteristics would render me balance. I searched for the element of safety, basically, since I felt very unsafe at a core level. At Steve’s place, I got exactly this, and so much more. The reason why I chose to work with Steve was mainly that he seemed trustworthy to me. This turned out to be true, and I am so happy that I chose to trust that feeling and travel to Ecuador to work with Steve for a two week long San Pedro workshop.

I had struggled with many of the symptoms of trauma; depression, anxiety, eating disorder, body pain and addictions for so long (many, many years). And I had tried most things: support groups, pills, therapy, self help books, diets, exercise, massage, you name it. After working with Steve and San Pedro for two weeks, most of these symptoms are completely gone. Vanished! I feel happy, light, and also so much more able to just DO than before. I no longer feel stuck in procrastination and fear, there is nothing blocking me from taking action anymore and this is like a HUGE gift!!! It is such an indescribable liberation. I feel like I gained my life back. Honestly. I drank the San Pedro medicine six times, and I also went through two of Steve’s special shamanic journey massage sessions. These massages made a huge difference for me. Steve found the parts of my body that needed healing, and targeted his healing work both physically and energetically at these parts. We cut energetic cords which is an enormous relief for me afterwards, and Steve got some bad, stored sexual experiences out of me leaving me feeling freer in my own body.

Spending the days with Steve and Samay is also a healing thing in itself. They are beautiful, kind and funny people, and I gained a lot just talking to both of them and felt very safe in their presence. Also, Samay’s food is wonderful and everything you need.

Now I am back home, and of course there is still work to be done. I am focusing on getting my life aligned with my new, emotionally, physically and spiritually much more healthy self. And I am already thinking about when I will be able to go back.

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