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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on November 22, 2018. #1 of 39 Reviews

I have been to a couple of places to do Ayahuasca retreat in Peru, and many meditation retreats around the world. But nothing compares to Blue Morpho. I have done 9 retreats with BM so far and hope to do many more. BM is absolutely amazing, and, for me, the safest and most loving place to work with plant medicine. I found BM in “The Ayahuasca Test Pilot´s Handbook”, an excellent book by Chris Kilham who has been exploring plant medicine and medicinal plants in the Amazon for several decades.

I was scared sh*tless when I first arrived at retreat. It was my first time trying a mind-altering substance. Having been a meditator for 20 years, I hit a glass ceiling in my practice and wanted to see if working with Aya would help (and it did! :,)). The whole BM team, shamans, assistants and staff, made me feel so safe and welcome when I arrived and during the whole retreat. They are all so incredibly professional and integer. My fear totally disappeared immediately. During ceremony when there was any problem, someone was there in a whisk to attend to you. Absolutely mind-blowing! Furthermore, the team makes you feel like you are part of the family. There is never a feeling that the staff is somehow cliquey or “beyond” you, something I have experienced in other places.

The head shaman, Don Alberto, is so extremely knowledgeable, sweet and kind. Beyond being an Ayahuasquero, he is also a herbalist. This is why at Blue Morpho the Aya is made by the Shamans. Many places just get their Aya from somewhere else. At BM, on the second day of retreat, all participants help in the cooking process! This is an incredibly beautiful process and really made me connect deeply with the medicine and spirit of Aya. Furthermore, Don Alberto´s icaros are from the Mestizo tradition and so stunningly beautiful. I listen to his whisteling all the time at home, and it connects me back to my BM family. The Shipibo/Conibo traditional icaros were always a bit challenging for me. : ) I also found it so refreshing, that the shamans at BM, while keeping the ceremonies still traditional, have no problem with women taking part while they have their period (not so in other traditions).

The center itself is small but exquisite. The love and detail that has gone into the planning of the place and garden is obvious. Cleanliness and a love for aesthetics is something that resonates a lot in me and just generally gave me a feeling of being somewhere familiar. The rooms are immaculately clean, and all the mosquito and bug netting is impeccable – something that was important for me to feel safe and comfy, coming from a big city and having had a slight arachnophobia (gone now, due to BM and AYA!). Many of the trees that are added to the Aya actually grow on the premises. We did jungle walks to meet these trees, honor them, and offer them mapacho – another moment that reignited my connection to nature. These walks have turned me into a fearless tree hugger that I now cultivate in the city of London, no matter how cray-cray people think I am. ; )

I cannot recommend this place enough. There was not once a moment where I did not feel showered with the kindness, patience, compassion and beauty of the shamans, staff, and everyone working there. It is, for me, and always be, a home away from home.

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