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São Bento, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reviewed on August 14, 2019. #1 of 15 Reviews

As someone who lived and drank ayahuasca with many shamans and healers in Brazil, Peru and in Europe, I am quite often asked if I can recommend a place to drink the medicine. Norberto, the facilitator at Terramaya, is the only one I can comfortably suggest to someone and be absolutely fine with the responsibility in doing so.
He is working with the medicine for over 35 years so his knowledge and talent to navigate that energetic space is exquisite. At the same time, a humble person, still learning and sharing his lessons.
Together with Milli, an extremely talented musician and angelic soul, they create a sacred ceremonial space where I can feel totally safe and accept all that is offered by the medicine and the land.
Speaking of the land, what an amazing spot in nature. Very isolated, many waterfalls and with the added bonus of almost no mosquitos. So many rocks and places to sit, enjoy, disconnect from my daily life, and simply be. I love the Terramaya water, I can feel the healing provided by the pure air and water and all elements.
The accommodations are very comfortable, surprisingly so, given the isolation of the place. Wooden huts with cozy beds and toilets, even bathtubs!
And let’s not forget the medicine served, prepared with ayahuasca vine harvested deep in the amazon. Not planted or cultivated but old virgin vine grown in the depths of the Amazon without human contact. Resulting in by far the cleanest and deepest exploration of myself. So much light and wisdom, a powerful medicine containing the raw power of nature.
I am deeply grateful to Norberto and Milli, the first time I went to Terramaya was the turning point in my spiritual and personal development, and since then I returned many times. So many things to be grateful about, the sense of community, the welcoming, the acceptance, the connections, and the music … oh the music, not hard to close my eyes now, even years after my first experience, and remember the depth I felt when I first heard Milli’s music.
Thank you for changing so many lives!!!

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