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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on April 28, 2015. #1 of 215 Reviews

Pure Magic.
My Wife and I, we took part in the 2015 April 4 – 15 Retreat. Arrived one day early and stayed one extra day after the retreat. We had enough time to get to know the place and we could have enough rest after the very intense program of the retreat. The last San Pedro ceremony was a beautiful but exhausting event which went on for the whole day, so leaving right the next morning would have been a bit challenging. So if you can, stay an extra day (or two). You won’t be alone. The volunteers and about half of the retreaters will stay there longer. And it is not just for the rest. The place is so breathtakingly beautiful, you will be glad to make that extra walk around the property, before forcing yourself to leave this paradise behind. Please be aware, that many of the participants decide not to leave at all. They stay on as volunteers and I can fully understand why. So keeping a little bit of extra money for this kind of “emergency love affair with Nature” is advised.
We stayed in the upper level apartment which has its own washroom and a shared shower with the lover apartment. If you have trouble falling asleep among a group of happy folks, anxious to talk the whole night over about all that magic happening in real time, then the apartment is a good choice for you.
The food at the retreat is unbelievably good. I’m a meat eater, so trust me when I say this: you will not miss your meat at all. And there is always something special for Vegans, too! (If you arrive early, please ask the driver to stop by the supermarket and get some food, since the kitchen only opens at the first official day of the retreat)
What really makes Gaia Sagrada the best retreat on Earth is the People. And not just the amazing staff, the absolutely charming and wise Shamans and the always ready and always kind volunteers. We have found out quite quickly, that every single fellow retreater were somehow related to us, and to our journey in life. We were family from the very first moment we met.
Must love dogs! The retreat has a well trained ceremonial canine team, too. They know when to show up to comfort you, or to keep those “bad vibes” away. You can’t have enough love for those rascals!
The individual shamanic cleansing is a must have. The program says it is optional, but if you miss it, you will regret it. It sets up the mood and prepares your body to be one with nature. It gives you a glimpse into the scents and sounds of the ceremonies of the retreat.
If you are like me, who had no previous experience with plant teachers, this is the best place to start. The staff and the volunteers will take care of you, making the first experience the best experience you will ever have.
If you are a well traveled plant explorer, then come to this place to see how much difference it makes, when you are with family to take the journey to your inner universe.
We are just back home, but already planning for a return in the near future.
Thank you Gaia for the all around perfect experience.

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