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Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on May 22, 2020. #1 of 122 Reviews

I felt that this was very business and money driven. Much more professional than other retreats I have attended, which didn’t even offer a plant based vomitivo before the ceremonies, but still not up to par to invest time, trust and money in. Martina wouldn’t even bother responding to me asking for a discount after my stay there. Ricardo has a harsh tone with the pasajeros sometimes and recurringly spit out in front of my feet when I walked by. Which I then excused as being a shamanic thing, but it made me highly uncomfortable and obviously lacked any kind of human decency. I had a feeling of distrust with him from the start, but that of course was my personal intuition which may differ for others. Some of the guests, during the short time of my retreat there, also had really bad vibes and bullying behavior. Big ego energy. After one ceremony when we were offered fruit from a bowl and I declined, Ricardo facetiously commented “no quiere banana”? I was then told by another female guest – who overheard the remark- the next day, that he had likened her to a monkey a few times before. I saw that she wanted to shrug it off as funny, but I felt deep down that she as well knew it was demeaning and verbally abusive. For the benefittees of the doubt, there can be cultural differences, but the gist is in the tonality and intention in which things are presented and these translate globally. I am grateful and glad that these days I am healed enough and have be able to heal my self esteem to the point, that I wouldn’t ever even consider paying someone to abuse me.

Santuario Healing

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Pucallpa, Perú

Reviewed on May 12, 2020. #1 of 3 Reviews

No facilitators, everybody in the ceremony was drinking the brew and when I called loudly for help a couple of times, nobody moved for a very long time, until my neighbor asserted I needed help. On another occasion, I was brought to the loo by a Aime and then left there without a light for quite some time and in utter panic, because she had to go get water for the toilet. Enrique was often not present at the facilities- sometimes for days. He also claimed I had cancer towards the end of the retreat (!?!), which thankfully proved to be a false claim, but isn’t a diagnosis to just throw at people. After two of the ceremonies with him I heard suggestions in my head that stated in my voice that “I need to stay here, I need to marry Enrique”. I was shocked and felt like I had entered the twilight zone. These suggestions came against my will and mortified me. So thats what it feels like to receive a brainwashing. After the first instant of this, I thought I was losing my mind, but in hindsight it got very clear to me what was done there. He never got outwardly aggressive and I don’t think he ever would, but I lost trust in him during the course of the retreat as there were questionable incidences that made me believe that he had lost -or never had- a professional attitude towards me. One of the staff was also dating a client upon my arrival and then started flirting with me (or “at me” because I certainly didn’t want any parts) behind her back, both of which made me very uncomfortable. One of the english gringo apprentices got flirtatious too and then later aggressive and bullying. I was told he was sent home later, after I sent them my complaint past-retreat. Hope so! Some of the staff was very nice, but some of them were also outwardly rude and you could feel their open resentment for the ‘gringo’ guests reverberating in their conduct. Shame, because the place was very beautiful and inviting from it’s vegetation and the hot river and has great potential. Potential that is being wrecked by unprofessionalism.

Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Center

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+51 916678184

Carr. Iquitos-Nauta, Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on May 12, 2020. #1 of 41 Reviews

When I arrived the vibe was so bad, that I felt my hands tremble. The people there don’t have any psychological training and are very ill equipped to hold space for vulnerable clients. I would go as far as saying, they would need a lot of inner healing work themselves. I have heard staff there talk bad about clients behind their backs for their behavior. A few of the guests were nice, but I also met many vile, insipid and self important characters there, mostly members of their seemingly cross continent traveling in-group. Some of them seemed to just be motivated by and I quote: “tripping balls” and the framework for people wanting serious healing was ripped apart even more by their presence, which lacked in discipline and intention. Upon sharing your delicate personal information with the facilitators and shamans, I’ve experienced them overtly ridiculing me and other people and one of the shamans even got hostile and dismissive in tonality towards a male client, talking over his head in front of him and insinuating that the guy lied and was manipulative when he shared that he felt lost and was suffering.
Guests who don’t buy their (facilitators, owners and shaman alike) confabulated and fear based world philosophies and leave (pigs morphing into human “devils”, “shamans who can fly” and other stories without any value or morale behind it other than the shamans aggrandizing themselves, which often was done with the use of scare tactics, and asserting status and power over other mere mortals = their guests), are talked badly about behind their backs in group meetings and put aside as outsiders. One of the huts I stayed in (we got moved around a lot) is cornering on other land from which you can hear swine screaming all day long. Adding to that the weakest Ayahuasca I ever drank. Nobody really had visions out of a group of 30(!) people, the most I heard of was some geometry. And I caught one of the long time „friends of the house” (most of which were very young, in their early to mid twenties) in a lie when he admitted to not having been “ready for” any healing work and just seeing patterns in previous ceremonies there, but had stated something of the likes of having received a “profound and life changing healing” at this center in a video review that I had watched before I decided to attend retreat there. All in all I got the feeling that they operate like a new age esoteric cult, pumping out dangerous and fear and separation based ideology to vulnerable and traumatized individuals who seek a mystical experience and might be desperate for a(ny) type of philosophy or world view to hold on to, with their core group of recurring people that they also hold ceremonies with in the states and others countries. Including minions and flying monkeys who are willing to go as far as wrongly advertising them and attacking and silencing anybody who even remotely disagrees with their philosophies. Critique and critical thinking are disliked and the clients (especially outside of this core group) are often personally attacked in some way, infantilized, passive aggressively dismissed or covertly declared incapable and discredited, using their conditions and emotional reactions against them, which is something I’ve seen happen many times at the retreat and which you can see shining through at the previous recount from someone who posted a 2 star review of their experience and must have been found by a whole gang of people, triggered to hit the dislike button. I can’t agree with their claims of not being profit driven, they even had a special ceremony night there, where everybody was strongly suggested to buy a certain “agua” (full bottle) from their shop so they could be christened with it in ceremony by the shamans for extra benefits before they left. Which is just one light example of my touristic seeming experience there. There was also a “photo op” with the shamans. On top of that if the core intention here is truly helping people heal, why was there such a blatant disrespect and unpreparedness for their guests emotional needs? Meaning all of the guests, not just the ones with the pink glasses on. All in all I felt that this retreat is not about you as a guest healing, it’s about what they can take you for. (Let’s see if we can make 16+ dislikes for this review and receive some argumentum ad hominem.)

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