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Centro Ronin Sina

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Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on June 28, 2019. #1 of 7 Reviews

I first heard out about Ronin Sina through the recommendation of a friend of a friend of a friend in 2015 while I was looking to find an authentic place to learn about and try plant medicine for the first time. In January of 2017, I made arrangements to work with Maestro Emilio in their San Francisco, Peru location.

I was very pleased with my first ayahuasca experiences. And I was happy that Emilio checked in with me after the ceremony. I wish that I had asked more questions after seeing some particularly intense visions in ceremony that week. I find that for me, listening to other people’s experiences and talking about my own experiences to be beneficial for processing everything. I found Emilio’s counsel to be honest and helpful.

My family and friends were worried about my safety traveling alone to the Amazon and not speaking a lot of Spanish. I had cell service the entire time, (although I rarely used my phone) and I felt very safe while traveling back and forth to Pucallpa with new friends that I had made at the center.

I work in a fast-paced high-end environment so I appreciated the experience of living very simply in nature at the center, and to see how the Shipibo live in the village. I also liked that there were local Shipibo people as well as westerners in the ceremonies.

In November of 2017, I visited Ronin Sina’s center in Montanita, Ecuador and had a few weeks of ceremonies and a Piñon Colorado dieta. I really enjoyed living walking distance from the beach, going surfing, and experiencing the town of Montañita. There are also many day trips that you can take to check out the local wildlife and go hiking. Next time I visit, I will definitely take advantage of some of the nearby Spanish and yoga classes.

Again, it was amazing to experience Sina, Emilio, and their student Petteri’s beautiful Icaros. Everyone that I met during my stay at the center were magical themselves. I was especially blessed to have had such a great retreat group, while I was going through some challenging transitions in my life. I feel fortunate to have had so much healing and many insights during the ceremonies and while on the trip, that I am still enjoying integrating them all to this day.

My experience at Ronin Sina inspired me to continue to learn more about plant medicines, and I’m looking forward to experiencing more ceremonies and dietas. ☺️

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