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La Luna Del Amazonas

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)

Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on March 1, 2020. #1 of 38 Reviews

I booked a two week retreat at La Luna Del Amazonas. I won’t go into depth about my ayahuasca experience as this is subjective for everyone but I will explain a bit about the experience I had with the retreat itself. I made my choice for a retreat by looking at reviews and couldn’t be more satisfied with the choice I made. I recommend this place highly.

The overall vibe at the retreat is that there’s no real time or schedule you have to follow, but at the same time everything is well organized in the background. You get picked up in Iquitos, get a warm welcome and head to your bungalow. The bungalows are built with mosquito nets around it, which really gives you the feeling that you are one with the jungle. Enrique (the owner) and his brother (Andreas) both speak English and Spanish. Wherever translation is needed they will help you out. Both of them and the staff really make sure you feel at home and comfortable. Lita (a cook with 25 years of experience) makes the diet you’ll follow amazing, she has some real cooking skills, you’ll understand when you get there. The shamans (Guido, Jack and Leonardo) are really knowledgeable. This was really important for me, as they will guide you through your spiritual journey.

You don’t have to do anything but there are plenty of activities and things you can do during your stay, a trip to monkey island where you can play with wooly monkeys (+ swimming in the Amazon river), a plant medicine tour, a lecture about the work of the shamans, yoga classes (depends if there’s a yoga teacher atm), reading in the library, chilling in the hammocks, fishing with a homemade rod (that’s what I did), basically enough to keep you busy if you wish so.

I think everyone can benefit from doing a few ayahuasca ceremonies. I went in positive and without many things I felt I had to work on. For some kind of reason I just felt the calling to come to the Amazon in Peru for some ayahuasca ceremonies, you’ll know when you’ll know, and got my value out of it. I think in the end everybody has something they want to work on or improve and Ayahuasca is a great way to become more aware of that thing and start doing some major work instantly, you have no choice as mother ayahuasca knows it.

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