CondorSky's Reviews

Temple of the Way of Light

Listed in Ayahuasca

Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on March 19, 2019. #1 of 91 Reviews

I would say that while the healers of this organization are gifted the staff is dangerous in that there is a lack of awareness and accountability for blind spots and spiritual bypassing. The staff dabbles in areas of therapeutic healing that they are not skilled to handle and don’t even recognize that they aren’t skilled to handle. They can’t see what they don’t know and from that perspective they have the potential to cause great harm to clients who are vulnerable.
I had thought that I was one of few people to hold this perspective but the more I speak out the more I find that others have unfortunately had this experience as well. You likely won’t hear from these people as the Temple does a good job of silencing them.

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