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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on September 6, 2018. #1 of 48 Reviews

To all my dear experiencer’s of Ayahuasca, & to the beings that are also experiencing the body, mind, and spirit practices.

My name is Sayed Najem, I go by Comte Sayed Najem. I have been meditating for almost 35 years wereI first started in TaeKwonDo, however this last 10 years, I have been truly in detailed meditation as in understanding my breath. My point to this, is I am always pursuing my inner temple to cleanse and understand the universe as one.

With all that said, I have travelled to Iquitos, Peru for the Ayahuasca retreat at the ***RHC Centre***. I knew, when as I was signing up for this program it was going to be out of this world & incredible, but also scary, and tough and fun, and special.

All of the above I had experienced, and I was so happy I did it at the RHC centre. We had the best crew through out the whole time, and experiences. The RHC centre was superb, the shamans really took care of us in all of our ceremonies. The diet plan was perfectly organized, and the room and board were great being in the amazon, and I could not ask for better. But the most important was “Anne” our guide, and she was there for us 24/7 a truly magical person and special angel.
I truly believe I was being guided by an angel, named Anne, & everything she had suggested was perfect and everything she had shared was on target. I was always in an awe by her. I am very lucky to have had her, part of my experience from beginning to end.

The RHC Centre is the best to enter the Ayahuasca in my experiencer because of Anne as well as Heather, & Christine & Leo, the safety of the centre, the shamans are the genuine and special magical, the professionalism, and most important a true calming place that will change your life.
Thank You RHC centre!

Comte Sayed Najem

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