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Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on October 31, 2018. #1 of 120 Reviews

A dear friend and I went to Nihue Rao this past August; we originally planned to stay for a week with the intention of doing some deep healing. After our initial consultation at the center, we were encouraged to extend our stay to 10 days to add Master Plants to support the work. I’m very glad that we did. If you are trying to decide between a week or 10 days, I highly recommend the longer stay.

As most reviews say, this is a place for healing rather than fantastic visions, although I received those as well. The retreat center itself is set up and run very smoothly and feels very safe for female-identified travelers. The accommodations are simple, comfortable, and lovely; pulling the mosquito netting over your bed after ceremony feels like you are in a jungle cocoon. At one point, a small dresser magically appeared in my room which made me smile.

I was requesting a lot of physical healing, as well as healing for mental health issues. We thought of the experience as checking ourselves in to “spiritual hospital” and being willing to follow the advice, treatment plan, diet, medicines, and interventions of this tradition with faith and trust in the process. Ricardo and the team of shamans are amazing healers.

It was very helpful to have a close friend to swing on the hammocks with, and process material that came up after ceremony. We read Dr. Joe’s book aloud to each other during the day, which made the work really come alive. Bring some good books that support your work, a journal, a friend, an extra pillow, warmer clothes than you think you need in the jungle (it got a little damp-chilly at night and I needed an extra hoodie and long sleeved shirt), and an open heart.

The 10 days jump-started my healing process; since I’ve been home there is more work to be done and I’m finding the right people to support that work, taking better care of my body and mind, feel lighter and brighter, and generally feel more hopeful. I’m sure I’ll go back when it feels like the time is right. Thank you to the caring and loving staff for all of their support!

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