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Los Cielos Peru

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Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on October 10, 2017. #1 of 20 Reviews

well…it has been a little while (almost 2yrs since my 18-day retreat) and it’s hard to put words to how much has changed in my life and the benefits received from working with Sylvie and Nome and Isabel and everyone who was at Los Cielos at that time. We were Sylvie’s first group as she was the brand new program director that January. Sylvie is one of the most interesting, fearless and dedicated people I have met in this life. She is fantastic and not a little bit mind-blowing. She was always there, with a big giant Cheshire cat grin while I was going through the most difficult times….Not smiling out of any kind of superiority or lack of compassion but the smile that says….”I know this is rough right now but you are gonna be so much better after this and you are in the right and perfect place for your life to explode into light.” She smiles because she sees the light at the end of the tunnel and she knows its so incredibly beautiful.

Peru is strong medicine. The Amazon is stronger medicine and I’m so grateful to have aligned myself with these people who have been learning the ways to navigate and guide those of us who are fresh off the boat. Literally…..I was part of a group that had an epic long boat ride and 5-mile walk in the dark to get to Los Cielos when heavy rains washed out the road…but it made our experience so epic and it’s a tale that I will never forget.

I miss hearing the sounds of the jungle and the animals calling. Los Cielos is right on the edge of the jungle and I felt aware of the presence of the jungle constantly. I live in rural Oregon and I used to experience fear and nervous anxiety of living in the forests of the night..allowing my fears to rule me. At Los Cielos I realized that I didn’t have that nervousness and when I returned home it was completely gone. I sleep outside at night now, under the night sky..connected to the earth, unafraid of whatever used to make me nervous in the past.

It calls me, I hope to return and work or assist in the process of encouraging the Shipibo to preserve their amazing textile traditions and their connection to the earth. I miss the jungle. If you decide to go there for your healing, I wish you the best and a fruitful experience. We will be connected. I am finding that many of those who have experienced Los Cielos stay connected, we are finding a tribe, bound by powerful challenging healing experiences. We are finding our family.

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