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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on March 29, 2015. #1 of 86 Reviews

Wow wow wow..

15 years of therapy in a 12 days retreat… its all i have to say about my retreat at the temple… Blowing mind experience and tones of deep healing that actually last and last and last…

I would recommend no other place to go for ceremony.. In the jungle, at the temple of the way of light, with maestro and maestra, doctors of jungle..

I really healed what i came for to heal.. I still can’t really believe it but man, it is just amazing how my every day life has just changed.. I have been totally rewired, it is like all the connections in my brain are now back to normal.. My thoughts are clear and i am centered and solid and strong… I see life for what it really is and all the illusion we are all trapped in.. I can just smile all the time when i see people living the comedy de la vie, being enslaved by belief system that i don’t relay to anymore.. Life is a joke and a blessing.. Thank you Ayahuasca, thank you Mathieu, debt and all the people out there for an amazing internal healing journey to heal and transform the outside world.

For accommodations, I am a bit picky, i wish i knew it was so wet and humid i would have brought my own pillow and a little cover ( sensitive to smell)… Nothing last long under the tropics in the rain forest, so be prepared for it.. Cabines are rustic, lots of life and crawling life.. Mosquito loved me. But never mind, my experience there, at the temple, a BLAST…

Thank you all over there.. I Love you.. You are my best move ever for taking care of myself in this life time of mine..

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