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El Triunfo, peru

Reviewed on November 10, 2018. #1 of 33 Reviews

I have visited DAS centrum in 09/2018 for 10 days retreat for second time in a raw (2012). In previous reviews here there are many usefull informations about good organization of the center and I would just briefly comment things which I appreciate the most:

1. I see the leader of the center (Percy) as a very strong shaman who presents his
love and compassion to DAS visitors by creating very safe and secure
environment to relax, process,integrate issues which are being brought up to
light and to be healed.
2. It is up to each individual to use up this safe envirnoment to its full potential by
formulating precisely the theme of which is suppose to be processesed. It
requires personnnal honesty and focus on self healing and the whole place will
provide all necessary support to it.
3. Assisting shaman Erika from Slovenia who is creating very peacefull bridge
for all foreigners to understand not only cultural, but also spiritual differences in
realities, which we are coming from to this place.
4. Equipment and structure of center, privacy of personnal space during stay
surrounded by jungle (great support). Vegetarian food prepared with love and
creativity, very friendly staff and cats to enjoy company if desired.

The center is continuously evolving to create more comfortable envirnoment for all future visitors and this focus is more than obvious. I fully trust this place with my issues and both times I was supprised of help which I have recived there. I am definatelly coming back and I recommend this place to all who are willing to take responsibility for their issues and face them. This is the place.

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