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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on April 4, 2018. #1 of 421 Reviews

I have recently returned from a week at the retreat in the Amazon, and I can hand on heart say it was the best week of my entire life.

Firstly, the center itself is absolutely stunning. The facilities are perfect for what you need and the food is great, pretty much as good as it can be considering the limitations. The center will have a place in my heart forever.

Secondly, the staff are all fantastic. There were 3 volunteer facilitators (Alise, Chris and Brunte) and they all were completely great – they all knew their stuff and were kind, loving and helpful – all 3 went above and beyond. The 2 head facilitators (Rob and Weronka) are literally they two nicest, kindest, most genuine people I have ever met – they make this place what it is. They understand that for many people this type of retreat is very much out of their comfort zone, but they have a way of taking away any anxiety or skepticism you may have.

Thirdly, the fellow guests. I made many friends for life at the center, and that was one aspect I really did not see happening. Everybody completely opens their hearts once they set foot in the center and makes the experience so very special.

The place is the real deal. I would not ever go anywhere else and I will definitely be back sometime soon. My perspective on life has completely changed and i am full of optimism for my future because of my experience here.

The trips and activities are all top notch too – as are the guides.

I could continue bigging the place and the people up but my hands are starting to hurt!

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