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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on August 3, 2019. #1 of 239 Reviews

I was so blessed to have come across gaia sagrada for my first ayahuasca retreat in South America that practices more traditional ceremonies than the ones I attend at my church in the US.

From the time I arrived to the time I left I was cared for. I’m still being cared for 1000s of miles away by little messages just asking “how are you doing?”.

One thing I worried about when flying around the world to take part in aya and san pedro ceremonies was, “will my physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual consent be respected”? At gaia sagrada, all forms of consent are fully respected. I was never coerced to do, say, or think anything that I did not fully want to do myself. What a blessing, since I came to gaia to heal from coercive identity, coercive religion/dogma, and coercive sexuality. Gaia sagrada knows the importance of practicing consent in plant medicine spaces and in all spaces.

Christine is a very wonderful human and I would love to know more about how her dreams all manifested into the beautiful healing center named Gaia Sagrada. Christine gave a talk about the medicines at the beginning of the retreat. In my opinion, she is a powerful alchemist that knows the skills necessary to liberate ones mind and become empowered again after being conditioned by trauma. I know she offers essential wisdom to those who wish to take it. She does not claim being a guru and I never got cult vibes from her. She gracefully shared her path with the retreat group and it was up to you how to interpret it. I hope to one day touch as many lives as she has with the healing power of the earth. A true medicine worker.

I feel so honored to be exposed to the native healing technologies that the shamans used in ceremony. Paulina, Amalia, Sophia, and Salvador provided me with the space to heal in a way I have never experienced in the west. They protected me as I opened my heart and mind with their powerful medicine. I feel so blessed and grateful that they have trusted me with their ancestral healing knowledge. The ceremonies were long but I always knew I could ask for anything I needed in emergency. Having water withheld from me momentarily in the ceremony and then given to me helped me realize the importance of water. In the west, I have taken water for granted. Never again. Anything can be your medicine if you have enough respect and gratefulness for it. After the ceremonies ended, plenty of delicious fresh food and cold water were provided.

Definitely take part in the sweat lodge ceremony if you feel called to it. It was incredible to have the most gorgeous moment created for me after the ceremony ended. I wont spill the details though, becuase the surprise of the after ceremony eternal moment was so incredible.

I am genderqueer and felt comfortable making space for my identity amidst the masculine/feminine talk of the retreat. Other queer and trans people, if you assert your identity and path at gaia sagrada, you will be held and respected and loved. All paths are welcome here. Dont let your conditioned trauma-reaponses keep you from accessing this great healing.

This was the best money I have ever spent. Better than 8+years of expensive psychotherapy in the US. I am eternally grateful and hopefully will return when the time is right.

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