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So my review is different to the rest. I have also posted on retreat guru but you’ll see that I haven’t been able to on google reviews. A tech friend said they have actually blocked all bad reviews from the general public, so while they are still there, normal people cannot view them. You’ll also see that since my experience a couple of months back, all of sudden 10 extra reviews are added. A tad over kill. Also, this is my review based on my experience. I experienced it. You can think I am crazy or a fake, thats not my concern…just wanting to inform and educate. Take from it what you wish. Remember this isn’t a place to review someone else review as the lady seemed to think on retreat guru. It’s about reviewing YOUR experience, not about online bullying and attempting to defile a persons own experience.

At the time I went, I did not know anything about energy fields, boundaries, protection, bad entities, plant dietas etc so was very trustworthy in everything they said and now I simply know better.

However, the first week was great. Loved it. Lots of cleansing and bonding and settling in but then in the second week I was told to stop having plant baths which minimised protection, they gave me different food and I started to feel drained and open. They teach you nothing about protection prior to ceremony as well so while they do plenty of prep on themselves for protection of their own energy, Stacey merely does one blow of smoke on everyone before ceremony. They also tell you to inhale mapacho which is actually extremely bad for you and weakens your system.

Then into the second week I started to feel really drained. Again, I thought it was me. I didn’t know better. My first week ceremonies where really intense and the second week they were getting blacker and blacker and it’s like my energy points we’re becoming blocked. I didn’t understand cause I didn’t know any better. They say it’s normal. The 6th ceremony came and the medicine told me they were slowly stealing my energy/essence. I then did not want to go on the Matt but Stacey didn’t give me a choice by saying “my house my rules” and stated to rayell to “finish the job”. He was then next to me during the singing saying in my ear “trust trust trust” over and over. From there I experienced light being sucked out of my head and then later a black smoke entered my head and I was extremely sick for months. Stacey admitted there was something off in the room and others in the room could feel it but said they cannot control everything that comes in. The medicine texture changed in the second week also.

Since then, it’s been confirmed black magic was used on me and a lot of my energy/essence was taken. This stuff does exist and it happens. Please do not be ignorant and do your research and come to your own conclusion. Jonathan evatt and Peter micheal share a lot about this on the internet or find a trustworthy local healer to educate you on where your own energy fields are at and how to protect yourself before going to a retreat. An advanced healer knows all about this stuff. Dreamglade however have told other friends who have left and felt like something was attached that bad entities “cannot break the laws of spirit”. If they think this is true, then why do they protect themselves so much during ceremonies…..Stacey is also not trained in anyway to provide the medicine. Just because he has been drinking the medicine for over 10 years, doesn’t mean that he works in the light.

While everyone can say they are healers, everyone has different energies, different traumas and different access points and different agendas. You’ve never met these people and do not know the depths of their soul. I’m sure Bill Crosby was a shock to everyone. I was an open wound and based on my starseed, I have lots of internal fire/light which they wanted. Gives them more power. The medicine is not pure as well. They add other things into it and it is not cooked on the premises and you do not know what intentions are going into it and do not get to put your own healing intentions into it, which is an important part of the process.

Also with the plant dieta, 5 days is not enough to really connect with the plant and they do not take you to meet the plants and make a real connection and exchange with them. There’s more to plant dietas than just drinking the medicine.

After the first week they kept saying I was clean over and over and then at the end of the retreat they then said I wasn’t clean of parasites and that aya and other plant medicines cannot help and I need to seek western help. Jess one of the staff actually admitted they stole my energy and decrowned me and to just move on. I’ve come across 4 others from the same retreat dating back to 4 years ago with the same sort of thing. This isn’t a frequent thing for them but they do it. They also recommended me to take Valium when I was distressed soon after ceremony. This was on text as well, which I still have. I also ended up in hospital after what happened and instead of trying to help, they protested too much to everyone else and got extremely defensive and then lied about my state of health in the hospital to my peers. The doctors had not even gotten any results back but they said I was strong and well.

Since then, I’ve been cleared in all levels aside from my energetics. Ive have had multiple spiritual cleanings and extractions done since I left there 3 months ago and am still recovering after essentially being de scalped (my own healers words). No one should leave a retreat in the state I left in. I didn’t do this to myself. Understand and learn protection so you are not ignorant to the door way you are opening. I obviously don’t recommend this place. Teach yourself protection and at the very least find one where you can see and cook the medicine and infuse your intentions into it as group. It helps to feed the healing process as well

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