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Rainforest Healing Center

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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on November 5, 2018. #1 of 48 Reviews

After my 11 day retreat in the Rainforest Hearing Center, I have no doubts about plan medicine. I went there scared, angry, confused, tired, exhausted almost giving up on life from all the damage & pain experienced since I have memory. After being sexually assaulted by different family members from my mothers’ side, Mentally and physically broken by my own father was enough for my whole being to know that this is not how life should be for anyone. I kept everything to my self for 21 years, bubbling, heating up and getting heavier I had to take a quick decision for my self and that’s when a really good friend had shared about her experience in this magical place. The energy that surrounds the facility is extremely safe and the employee are truly respectful & helpful. I did 5 ceremonies and 3 of them gave me exactly what i needed physically to get over all the mental damages and traumas. In the first ceremony I was being naive and waiting to feel the medicine after a full cup, but my body was being resistant. Heather nicely told me “you came here to do to work with the medicine if you do not feel her you need to drink a second time to fully work with her” which helped me for my next ceremony. Being alone became natural when noticing that I am part of everything.
During the days it was super important for me to not be dependent on any company from others as I wanted to be more independent and love my self, enjoy my self for who I am. Ayahuasca helped me find more than I was expecting. She let me understand how staying in the past is throwing your present away and not fully enjoying it to the fullest. The second ceremony was my first glimpse of life as she physically made me feel how she put me apart and fix every part of my heart and body putting me carefully together without hurting. After that night I felt how little by little I was giving me self-love by reading, showering more often, writing and not truly thinking of what happened to me in a negative expression. Last and most important letting go of that horrible past that almost end my life in 2014-2015. I was dancing every morning in my tabu and still dance in my home. Feeding my self the right way at the right time and expressing my love for being alive and brave enough to take this journey.
Anne such a beautiful soul she truly helped me understand so much of life. She’s extremely loving and can be rough when you need it { I mean this in the most helpful way. sometimes we need to hear the truth from a different perspective that is not yours} she guided me and basically gave me more therapy using such a beautiful vocabulary where you are able to understand and reflect. Heathers energy also helped me in such a different way i felt very comfortable because of her honesty with life experiences. She read my tarot cards and also discussed all my dreams for 11 days!!! I went to RHC for plant medicine and left with a two beautiful friendship that I hope it lasts forever. The staff was so loving and caring. Olinda and Esteban gave me all the attention that I needed because I was lucky to be in a very small group and had 3 wonderful ceremonies alone which the universe granted me. I was grateful for the food and for the creek shower every day where butterflies flew around me constantly making me smile and forgetting about everything.
Coming back to my reality being grateful for everything that has happened and for all the things that lead me to this wonderful center and plant medicine. I love my self more than ever and now I can truly focus on my life and Partner who has been supporting me since day one. Its hard work and I know from the day I left the center my choices have changed for the better!
I had the sweet opportunity to meet and connect with Omar it wasn’t long yet I know our paths will cross again in the near future. He was caring and loving I truly can’t wait to see him again.

I can truly sit here give you 1000 reason why everyone in their lifetime should visit this facility yet I can’t find not one reason on why should you not. Plant medicine is so powerful and enlightening. Clean and REAL but you will only deserve it when you are truly ready to do the work to accept all your flaws and to become a better person for yourself.

I feel free, light & Happy with my decision! Still apologizing to my self & my body for all those years I spent hurting.
Thank you Ayahuasca, Rainforest Healing Center and Omar for allowing this place to feel safe for the ones that truly need the safety.

You will always be part of my heart and journey because of you I can see life for what it is…. BEAUTIFUL

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