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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on May 9, 2019. #1 of 5 Reviews

Peru Pilgrimage – didn’t deliver on its promise of connecting with a large group of like minded spiritual people with only two of us on the tour. There were significant changes to the itinerary which we were not advised about beforehand nor consulted about during the tour. The tour is advertised as 9 days but there was no itinerary of activities on day 9. The San Pedro experience was disappointing. Neither the ‘Peruvian shaman’ nor environment ‘in nature’ advertised on the website transpired. For me these were essential components of the experience I was seeking. I found the demeanour of the tour organiser – who seemed disengaged and uninterested – highly challenging. Were it not for Miguel Bellota – the Peruvian mystical guide – who was excellent in every way, this trip would have been a complete and utter disappointment. Miguel was first class. His depth of knowledge, spiritual connection and wisdom are exceptional and I was impressed with and highly engaged in his tours. I came away feeling I’d highly benefited and grown as a result of his teachings. The visits to the ancient, sacred sites with Miguel were a wonderful experience. In summary, overall the tour was not as expected and didn’t deliver value for money in terms of the experience versus what was promised.

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