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Sacred Valley, Peru

Reviewed on July 18, 2019. #1 of 86 Reviews

Wow, still digesting my experience and will have to return as it all unfolds….

As I learned after our 5 ceremonies, Ayahuasca is a process. It takes patience, trust and lots of hard work.

My experience was near perfect at Spirit Plant Journey thanks to the amazing team from my first call with Sarah who patiently answered all my questions for over an hour on the phone.

What made me chose SPJ was that from day one there was a legitimacy and honor to the work and plant medicine. Everyone was extremely professional, passionate about their work and their foremost concern is our safety and experience. They have years of work and study background, and this is shown through the care and attention to every single part of our journey in the retreat.

Being my first experience with Ayahuasca, I was very concerned of centers that had too large of groups, the attention and experience of the facilitators and the background story of the maestra/maestros.

Safah (facilitator) is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I have met. She is consistently learning and working towards her development with medicine plants with the Shipibo over many years. Her openness and experience is shared by providing so much support with love and care that I always felt safe. Orfelinda (Maestra) has a contagious laugh. My respect for her work and tradition goes beyond words. She is a powerful strong woman, who among the machismo culture continues to learn and share what her family has been doing for generations. Both of these beautiful women create on our ceremonies a light, positive and caring space where we can trust to let go and allow the medicine to work on our bodies and minds.

The retreat itself was beautiful, the days spent surrounded by the mountains and under the stars was purely magical. Rooms were spacious, full of light and surrounded by flowers and an incredible staff. Food was carefully prepared for our diet, and absolutely delicious even with all the dietary restrains.

SPJ has provided to me the space and opportunity to learn so much about myself, making it clear there is no magical pill for change, there is no miracle. My experience taught me that I have all the tools to make my life and the world better and now I am learning how to use them. Patience and hard work.

Most importantly, Ayuhasca is not for everyone,it is to be taken VERY seriously and SPJ makes this clear by their respect to the tradition, the plant and my own health and safety. I am grateful it took me over an year to prepare myself for this journey, and it is now, slowly changing my path in life. I left my retreat with a full heart and a new family. One of the most important chapters of my life.

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