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El Triunfo, peru

Reviewed on June 9, 2017. #1 of 33 Reviews

I was dealing with a quite serious form of addiction for over two decades. Four years ago a friend of mine suggested I should start working with the Medicine. At the begining I was able to find some local resources for ceremony but it was February last year (2016) when I decided to dedicate myself to serious work with Aya. I did around 20 ceremonies with my locals and advised by same friend reserved my spot at DAS Healing Center. I arrived to DAS in February 2017 and what I’ve experienced there completely changed my life and had an amazing healing effect on me on both mental and phisical level.
On top of ceremonies – which I’ll get back to in a moment – tranquality of this place, amazing healing dieta, everyday work with ayo sacha as a preparation to Ayahuasca, and fantastic, amazing people working in the Center, all of it was so healing and teaching. Being deep in the Jungle, fully dissconnected from the world, listening to the spirit of the forest, all animals and insects taught me to be more humble and appreciate more the gift of life I’ve received from the Higher Power. It was becoming so obvious that poisoning myself (inducing the state of mind which I was considering for so many years as my friend) was an absolutly horrible mistake. While seeing the great power in simplicity of life and diet offered in the Center I’ve learned a lot and that was exactly what I needed to have that final touch towards my drug free, healthy way of life!!!!!
Ceremonies at DAS are another story, all preceded with flower / floral bath, are taking place in a beautiful maloca. There is a very easy access to (many) restrooms which to me is quite important to feel comfortable during the ceremony. Senior Percy is an amazing person and I can’t express enough my appreciation to the way he is leading the ceremony, singing icaros and particularly to his plant knowledge and wisom. In front of our eyes he was mixing his Medicine out of many different plant extracts. What he offers is completely different to what I was drinking with my locals and the healing effect of his Medicine is out of this world (on top of amazing Medicinal plants mix Percy offers in his ayahuasca, healing effect was so great because of diet, ajo sacha and deep relaxation I was experiencing in the Center as a preparation to ayahuasca ceremonies itself).

Only thing I want to say is:
Thank You Senior Percy for creating such a beautifull space at DAS, for showing us a higher levels of reality, for bringing us closer to God.
Thank You Medicine for teaching and healing us and thank you all life forms in the forest for nurturing and calming us and letting us to know you. – I’m so sorry we are killing you Forest… But you will win this fight, or through power of your plants you will teach us to stop what we are doing!

After my February visit to DAS I’ve experienced a tremendous shift in my overal health damaged by drugs, positive shift in my mood and a quality of life…
Because of all of that I’ve visited DAS in April again and now already reserved my 2 weeks visit in November this year (2017)

This place saved my life! Thank You!

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