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Parign Hak – Grandma´s Home

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Manu Biosphere Reserve

Reviewed on January 3, 2019. #1 of 66 Reviews

It’s gonna be hard to make a review, that can justify the spirit of Parign Hak, of Grandma, of Jessica – and her small team.
One reason is that there is a clear difference between “intentions” and “expectations” – right !?! How can I make review, and still try to emphasize and remind you, that will go there, not have expectations?

I arrived to Peru well prepared, and with homework done, in the form of “intentions” for the trip, and the medicin, and the work on myself. It had been previously informed that we should try individually not to have other expectations, than a “good trip to Quero-community”, and otherwise keep an open mind.
The group was small, and within these small native communities, who are not overrun by tourists, you actually get a chance to truely connect, and make friends.

I came with 3 Intentions to work on, and ask for clarifications/guidance on.

One intention I did NOT have, before coming down to Peru, was to quit my habit with cigarettes, but among other things – This habit got kicked none the less, while I was with the Parign Hak group, and especially Jessica, who somehow managed to move energies.
The conversation went like this, one afternoon early into the trip.

Jessica: I have noticed that you are smoking those western cigarettes – You do know that those are full of chemicals and a lot bad stuff to make you crawe, right?
Me: Yeah – I know I should quit, but the amount of bad habits remain a constant, so why change this for something else. (probably said with some indignations as when someone critize your bad habits)

Jessica: You know you really should let them go, and if it is any help, you can smoke some of these mapachos as a replacement. They are better and natural. The western cigarettes are really (making the a sound) BVADR!

Later that evening, as I was the last man standing in camp, and I sad by myself and had a final evening cigarette, and all of a sudden, I could taste all the chemicals in my cigarette – it was foul, and it was like tasting the first cigarette, I ever had in my life.

Over the next few days I gradually quit smoking the ones I had brought from my home-country, and switched to mapachos…. Now 3 months later, I still have a full carton untouched EU produced cigarettes in my suitcase, and absolutely no desire to go and unwrap them – they are now waiting for a ceremonial sacrifice on the fire.

I will tell you, that the Chi(energy) Jessica can manipulated surprised me a lot, and I am grateful, that somehow she managed push it around, so that I could again taste and realise that I needed to make basic change to how I treated my health. How I could do this with no abstinences, I really can’t say…. I was 22 when I started, and 44 when I quit – makes sense I suppose.

The ceremonies btw was beautiful, and her icaros are from another dimension.

The community is loving and open, and they are both curious towards us as guests, and very eager to share their stories, and teach us the healing properties of the local plants – and allowing us the benefit, if we require it.

I’ll definately return as friend and extended family of the Queros and Jessica, and the rest of the team.

So….I hope I succeeded, without giving you as a reader too many expectations – but maybe support a feeling of trust and confidence in the place and environment, and the work they all do.

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