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San Pedro Workshops

Listed in San Pedro (Huachuma)

Lentag, Ecuador

Reviewed on April 17, 2018. #1 of 72 Reviews

Do this!

I went in pretty happy to begin with. But also with no expectations, I was completely open to experiencing the medicine and the ceremony.

I found San Pedro to be a friend, at least in my experience, who calmly guides me deeper inside myself and simply reassured me about what I already knew. And anytime something new came up, Steve was there to listen and be that extra help.

The location was conducive to a peaceful and relaxing ceremony. I do believe SP is powerful, and Steve is amazing. If you’re in Ecuador, contact Steve and experience it. I’ve been working on myself prior to this, had dealt with evils before, and still San Pedro provided me with a bit more clarity.

Please check this place out. Clean, friendly, open, and Sam’s food was absolutely delicious

Highly recommend!

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