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Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

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1371 Hancock lone palm rd Orlando, Florida 32828

Reviewed on October 1, 2018. #1 of 73 Reviews

My first time taking the medicine, or really, doing anything like this before at all. I signed up for the 3 day weekend retreat at SoulQuest and the experience I received was beyond anything I could have ever imagined, I was not expecting the lessons mother ayahuasca taught me. During my first ceremony it was as if she knew exactly what I needed to learn in order to take full advantage of everything SoulQuest was offering, because like I said I had never done any of this stuff before, never done yoga, or breath work, and since my body was exhausted, I could see my old self easily dismissing certain things and not participating in them (I do love sleep after all). But instead, my first journey with her, she came to me and taught me about maturity, responsibility, accountability, and just how strong of a person I was. After that night, I powered through ever obstacle I came across. I felt so invigorated and empowered, even when I felt weak, I regained my power and my strength to press on. That in itself would have been enough of a lesson to change my life, but then I did yoga and breath work and a day time ceremony, and one more night time ceremony. Every activity I took part in showed me more and more about myself. My ultimate take away from my lessons were self care, strength, and responsibility. Not including the countless other things I was shown. The staff and volunteers were so, so wonderful. These people are doing god’s work. They seem to know exactly what you need whether it’s tenderness and understanding or to just step back and allow you to work things out for yourself, they are there for you every step of the way. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about all this again.
The difference between ayahuasca and western techniques for healing is, ayahuasca creates the potential for you to heal yourself, as opposed to a life time of pharmaceuticals and therapists trying to heal you. I never truly understood that I had the power to heal me until my weekend at SoulQuest. I will be back, as a member for even more healing, but also as a volunteer. Watching other people experience their own miracles is so moving and wonderful. I can’t wait to be apart of this new world I’ve been shown. If you happen to live in a Western country, I would not feel bad about suggesting to you to start with SoulQuest first before going to a South American retreat. I myself will one day go to a South American retreat but for my first time, SoulQuest did not disappoint (in fact it was more than I could have ever expected), my experience was not lessened just because it took place in the United States, and the cost was very fair. It really it a great stepping stone and an easy way to transition into a more spiritual lifestyle without it being a huge culture shock. I seriously cannot wait to go back and dig deeper inside myself. This was the greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who were there, who worked hard to keep us newbies safe and secure. You’re such a gift to this world. Thank you to Verena, Chris, Dr. Scott, and Charlie for allowing this place to even exist. So much love to you all. Can’t wait to see you in the future.

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