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Lamas, Peru

Reviewed on November 24, 2019. #1 of 29 Reviews

Taking the leap and booking my workshop at Tierra Mitica is by far the best thing I have ever done in my life. I didn’t necessarily feel unhappy or stuck in my life, but I did not feel I was living a life of my wildest dreams or living my full potential either. When I heard about Tierra Mitica and the workshop I was intrigued but also a little skeptical, and I was suspicious that there was nothing of real substance or truth to be found at Tierra Mitica or from Mikis, that it was too good to be true and even if they thought they had something good and they felt good that I wouldn’t agree or that actually they were totally nuts and I would want to get out of there as soon as possible. The reason I decided to go and see for myself is because a close friend of mine had done a workshop and I could not deny that she felt different, and when she described her experience I felt that I wanted to cry and something in my heart was yearning to experience what she had too, and to feel the clarity I could feel from her, and I wanted to be happy.
The workshop would have been worth it if it helped me find my happiness and gave me clarity on my life and the world; but it went so much further than that. It has been over two years since my mythic voyage, I went in May 2017, and this is not an exaggeration – it helped me get the motivation and clarity to launch the business I had been working on for 2 and a half years on an international scale and make over 120k in presales, it helped me find the most perfect business partner also and step out of the business to pursue my true creative passions, it helped me start a business beyond my wildest dreams that I now work on every single day and truly I could cry with gratitude at how much fun I find it and how much gratitude I have for my life, it helped me to attract the RIGHT kind of guy (FINALLY!) and taught me EXACTLY how to foster the relationship so it gets deeper, more intimate, closer, more fun and sexier every single day instead of the spark fading it gets bigger all the time, it helped me to work through all of my childhood experiences that caused me so much pain for so many years, the biggest of all it helped me find my self worth and heal my self loathing and the fear and pain deep within my heart – so deep I did not even know I carried it with me every day, it helped me find my confidence and self love, my inspiration and motivation for life, I cannot tell you how much closer I am with my family and my friends in a real and genuine way, I never feel alone anymore. And this is just to say the main things that come to mind, and truly this is because of the experiences I have had in the mythic voyage. I have also returned for an advanced workshop because of how much the work has changed my life and that only further propelled me forward into a happier, lighter, joyfilled, confident and awesome version of me. Of course I also made the choice to go for it and apply the things I have learnt, to be open and willing to accept responsibility for my life – the workshop is not a pill that magically makes everything amazing, it is just information that you can either choose to integrate or not – and the reason there are a couple of people who leave bad reviews and get incredibly angry and call Mikis an asshole and a narcissitic is because they were not willing to change things in their lives that are making them miserable, or not willing to take responsibility for the ways they are self destructing or making mistakes in their life – so they protect themselves and get defensive “NO it is not me ruining my life, YOU ARE JUST AN ASSHOLE!” and they have to believe it otherwise they would need to face the facts that everything they are unhappy about is their choice, so they blast it all over the internet to make themselves feel better about their choice. Well I am so glad that I did not go down that route and I was open to the work in my workshop, because the proof is in the pudding, I am SO MUCH HAPPIER and I love life, I could not say this before my workshop without lying. I have friends that have paid literally 10 x the amount of the choice os workshop cost to go to a Tony Robbins seminar and although you do pick up some pieces of gold, there is nothing like the Choice OS workshops in the entire world, that truly gets to the core of EVERYTHING in your life and truly helps you find your happiness completely, that answers every single question in a clear and factual way, where you can ask as many questions as you desire and nothing is left fluffy or unclear. I would recommend this workshop completely, I completely stand behind the work and am happy to answer any questions to anyone who is interested. My advice is to go for it, as we only have one life after all and I am so glad I am not coasting anymore, thanks to Mikis and Tierra Mitica I am truly LIVING. 5 stars.

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