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Ayahuasca Foundation

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+51 954 064 553

Carr. Iquitos-Nauta 275, Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on July 9, 2018. #1 of 14 Reviews

Integral, holistic and incredibly caring <3 I honestly have a hard time composing an adequate description of the time I spent with the AF, but never did I imagine to be met the way that I did here. The care, the passion, the love, the dedication and the integrity with which the work is conducted at the Ayahusaca Foundation is incredibly inspiring and has left me a transformed being. I can highly – highly recommend it! This isn't a place to go for the fireworks, this is a place for healing of the whole.
I attended their 8-week initiation course and as long with a very thorough training on how to navigate the ceremonial space and an incredible amount of personal healing – we learned a great deal about how to empower ourselves and continue the work outside of ceremony. The knowledge and ability to continue the work and to properly integrate all the lessons is incredible valuable and I feel I left with a huge briefcase of well practiced tools and a big amount of homework. Between ceremonies we worked with different kinds of plant medicine, everything adding and balancing the time their. I can highly, highly recommend this organization!
Thank you!

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