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Carr. Iquitos-Nauta 275, Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on November 7, 2019. #1 of 14 Reviews

Safe, beautiful and full of love. The perfect place and way to experience this powerful medicine.

Carlos and the team at the Ayahuasca Foundation provide the most incredible experience, one that we will cherish forever.

My partner and I did the 8 day rejuvenation retreat, and it was fantastic right from the start.

The initial organisation and information we received was incredibly detailed and helped us prepare for the experience completely. Carlos and the team were ever present to answer any questions or concerns we had, and had everything so well arranged and coordinated that it all flowed smoothly.

The accommodation at either end of the trip is comfortable and a nice place to stop over before heading to Riosbo. The lodge we stayed at in the jungle was beautiful, it is incredibly well maintained, everything feels new. The lodge is in a fantastic location on the river (that you can swim in), with the jungle behind it, it was perfect, The rooms are all spacious, clean and the facilities excellent. We didn’t really see many mosquitos at all, but there were nets in great condition on all windows that kept them out regardless.

We did yoga a couple of times and several other healing therapies, including steam baths, sangre de grada and daily medicines. Between ceremonies and healing we got plenty of time to integrate, relax in a hammock and read or sleep, it was so peaceful.

Nick and Mike were our two facilitators, and they are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, with incredibly beautiful souls and the patience of saints. They took careful time explaining everything in detail and answered any questions we had completely. It made us feel very safe, knowing that we had two very experienced people who also spoke fluent english in case we were struggling, and who had super grounded, positive energy.

The ayahuasca itself was pure and strong, it was beautiful medicine. Don Miguel is a talented shaman, his singing is like nothing I have ever heard, full of tenderness, incredible power and it spoke to my soul. He has an awesome relationship with the plant, and he shares that power with you, he really shares something beautiful in ceremony, it was a privilege to drink with him. In the day he is smiling and laughing, but when ceremony begins, he shows a power and a connection that blew my mind (literally), it was awesome.

The two Peruvian gentlemen who help during ceremony and during the day, Pancho and Hernan, were a blessing. They prepared the Maloka and us before ceremony, and supported us when we were struggling, and helped us to the bathroom when we were wobbly on our feet. They were amazing, a huge thank you to both of them! They both also sang beautifully towards the end of ceremony, I am glad that I got to share those moments with them.

Nick and Mike shared the burden of singing during ceremony with Don Miguel, they both sang incredibly well, their Icaros were beautiful and made the experience as amazing as it was. Mike sang beautifully, for hours if needed, transporting me to other worlds. Nick is an incredibly talented musician, who played the guitar and other instruments with amazing skill. These two guys did the most fantastic job, and I couldn’t feel a deeper gratitude towards them.

Overall, the rejuvenation retreat was the most deeply beautiful, love filled experience I have ever had. It was wonderful, and I have been recommending it to people ever since I left a few weeks ago.

If you are looking for a safe, wonderful place to drink the medicine, then I would recommend, without hesitation, the Ayahuasca foundation, Riosbo, every single time.

Thank you so much, to Carlos, Don Miguel, Nick, Mike, Pancho and Hernan, you provided the perfect place to have a deep experience, and I am forever richer for it.

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