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Maya Retreat Iquitos

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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on December 30, 2017. #1 of 9 Reviews

I stayed at Maya for three weeks this month. Words fail me to express how wonderful my stay was. David, the Shaman, is an absolute beautiful being who leads powerful ayahuasca ceremonies. He is always available for support and guidance and is a real Mensch, human being. He also has several students residing with him who are training to be Shaman. All the students are very friendly, supportive and have a lot of integrity and an immense dedication towards their training. The center is absolutely lovely, the rooms are comfortable and very adequate. There is a lovely community house where everyone gathers throughout different times of the day to chat. It is left up to the participants how actively they wish to engage with the community. I often spent time alone in my room to meditate and just be by myself, which was actually encouraged while I was on a plant diet for nine days. Dieting the plant in addition to drinking ayahuasca was a life changing experience for me. I released years of childhood trauma and suffering. I had been to another center for three weeks prior to this, so I was already on a roll in terms of working with ayahuasca. Drinking ayahuasca is not an easy path because it can bring up all your shadows from the past. However, if you are diligent and can stay with the process when it gets difficult, it is so worth it. David and the students are such great supports in this process and I would recommend this place to anyone who is dedicated to working on themselves live a happy life.

Maloca Shipibo Jakon Nete

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Reviewed on December 27, 2017. #1 of 8 Reviews

I planned on staying here for a whole month for a plant diet in Nov/Dec, 2017. There were only a handful of participants at the center during my stay and I found out from the Facilitator that they currently had a substitute cook, as they didn’t want to pay for the regular cook for just a few people. The food that was prepared for us was absolutely inedible. The cook kept not honoring the prescribed ayahuasca diet and kept putting salt and sugar in the food and served us fried food and caffeinated teas. The facilitator also found rotten food in the kitchen one day that the cook was about to serve us. Please know that I am not a picky eater, however, the food here was a disgrace and even when we went to complain to the Maestros (Shaman) twice as a group, they would not change the cook and refused to bring the regular cook back to safe money. I was getting sick from the food and was not able to stay at this center to do the emotionally difficult work I was prepared to do and had done during my 3-week ayahuasca retreat at a different center the weeks before. So ultimately I felt that I needed to leave this center, as I simply didn’t feel safe here.

Furthermore, the Shaman did not seem to be dedicated to their work. They walked in to the Maloka at the beginning of the ceremonies, and first thing they would do is lie down for a while and yawn a lot. They always seemed tired and would only chant very little during ceremony. It seemed like they would just put in the bare minimum of what they were required to do.

In the end, when I felt I needed to leave and asked for 3 weeks of money back (the time I had paid for but would no longer stay because of the Shaman’s negligence with regard to the food), the Shaman at first refused to reimburse me any money at all and took absolutely no responsibility for what had happened with the food situation. The Facilitator was moderating between the Shaman and me and in the end convinced the Shaman that they should reimburse me some money at least. However, they reimbursed me $400 less than what they owed me and in the end even lied and told me they only received $1400 of a bank wire transaction from me, instead of the required $1500. When I checked with my bank upon my return to the States, that turned out not to be so, and I am simply shocked that they lied about this.

I spent altogether 7 weeks in the rainforest of Peru at 3 different ayahuasca centers, and had wonderful experiences at the other 2 centers. I would not recommend Jakon Nete to anyone and hope you will stay away and go to a high quality center.

Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on December 27, 2017. #1 of 86 Reviews

I attended the 3-week Immersion Retreat at the Temple in November, 2017. It is hard to put in words what a transformative experience it was for me. The two Shipibo Shaman, Inez and Jose, were absolute powerhouses of healers. Their chants for us during ceremonies have forever changed the DNA of my being. Drinking ayahuasca 7 times during my stay has brought about many transformations in my being and it helped me a great deal to heal my PTSD and anxiety disorder. It was hard work in ceremony, as I was shown so much childhood trauma and fear and anxiety that I had to relive here in order to ultimately connect with my own inner light, love, strength and courage. This is not easy work and my background in meditation and yoga seemed to be very helpful to be able engage in the work with the medicine. Drinking Ayahuasca is not for the faint of heart. However, it will be hugely rewarding if you can stay with the process and keep working with your shadow and not give up when it gets difficult in ceremony. The support at the Temple we received as a group was phenomenal. We had daily support groups, trauma release exercises, yoga and meditation classes and Self Inquiry exercises. The staff and facilitators were incredibly gifted in their work and very warm and friendly and always available for support. I was part of a group of 26 participants and the bonding between us was so deep that I felt I had known everyone for ages after 3 weeks. It was hard to say good-bye to my newfound family.

I recommend the Temple to anyone who is prepared to do hard emotional work and who is looking for a nourishing and supportive experience in doing this life work of transforming suffering and blossoming into a more awake and happy being.

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