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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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Spirit Vine, Itacare, BA, Brazil

Reviewed on January 5, 2018. #1 of 160 Reviews

I may start saying I do believe in magic!
Last year I had by unknown reasons the inner big will to heal through ayahuasca. Perhaps because I needed to change something strongly in my life. I didn’t want to give further steps in life without having kind of a light exactly in those steps. I needed inspiration and answers.
The first time I heard about this plant I was traveling in Peru. And in that moment I knew I was not ready for that experience. Later, when I heard about the plant in Europe, I was very sure that I wanted to be in a place where the plant grows naturally and is not abused in any sense. And the time I felt ready for that came, and I understood why last year was the way it was and why I went trough a strong healing process. Lucky me, life, magical dwarfs or even better ayahuasca itself (I have to say again I do believe in magic) took me to the right place.
Don’t ask me how or why but I arrived to Spirit Vine Retreat Center at Bahia. Now, after some weeks I finish the retreat, I’m still not sure how to describe what I experienced. Because is a circle of things…. Is the place, Silvia and Rohan, the bed, the food, the pond, the closest beach, the ladies and guys helping over there, the smells, the rain, the sun, the ayahuasca of course, the ceremonies, the chats, the group therapies, the exchanges, the drawings, the music….. And just to close with flourish, the people sharing the retreat, everything was overwhelming for me.
I’m trying to process everything I learnt and saw. I wish I could have had something to film the ayahuasca trip and those special moments. But only my soul will do.
It is a very safe place, they are very professional and more over, lovely people that will take care of you with love. That is very important because ayahuasca healing/ learning process is very strong. Actually, I think everybody should experienced it once but at the same time, should prepare consciously for that, to be OPEN to receive information, to know that life is a healing road and ayahuasca is a powerful tool but not the solution, though is a great connection of things that our inner wisdom knows in a way. The experience is just divine and indescribable. I do recommend this place, organic ayahuasca, organic delicious food and organic flow experience. I’m very thankful, very very.

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