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Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

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1371 Hancock lone palm rd Orlando, Florida 32828

Reviewed on November 23, 2017. #1 of 75 Reviews

Utmost gratitude! Before coming to Soul Quest I only existed. For years I existed. I continued to live for the sake of my parents. I could not find a reason to live for myself. I was in the belly of depression. I spent most of my time in bed, favored the night, and was drawn to dark subject matters. Years ago I went to a psychiatrist. He placed me on medication after medication in an attempt to find the correct cocktail. I grew weary of the process and stopped taking the medications. I decided to treat myself. I took St. John’s Wort to no avail. I began drinking excessively day and night in an effort to escape the despair I felt. I made a point of keeping alcohol readily available. After leaving work in the morning I knew where to go to purchase it. If I awakened late at night to empty bottles, I made sure to purchase more before 2am.
In June of this year Mother Aya led me to Soul Quest. I was desperate for change and knew that I was slowly killing myself. The weekend of June 2nd my life was forever changed. Mother Aya counseled me in such a loving and beautiful way. She reminded me that I was enough and said to me that I had been holding my breath for a long time. She told me that I did not need to put up a wall, withdrawing from people. Among other things, she let me know I didn’t need alcohol. As she spoke to me I could not see her but I could feel her presence. She let me know that I was safe. It was as if my head was resting on her lap as she gently stroked my hair and smiled lovingly down at me. My heart was filled with such love and gratitude. For the first time in years I felt hopeful. My future was no longer bleak. As I gathered my belongings to return home I became emotional. I did not want to leave. I could hardly believe what I had found–a haven. The sheet I used for the ceremonies had been stained with ayahuasca. I didn’t want to wash it and so I decided to have it framed along with a plaque to commemorate that fateful weekend.
As of to date I’ve attended ten ceremonies. With every visit to Soul Quest she illuminates a blindspot. I no longer believe I need alcohol, something I once that was not possible. I no longer spend my days in bed. I’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle and I’ve lost over thirty pounds. I’ve attracted a number of positive experiences.
Thank you Chris for listening to your heart and establishing Soul Quest. Thank you to Anthony and Nischala for your love and support. Also thank you to the rest of the facilitators and volunteers. Your energy is beautiful and you all take such great care of everyone as they make their journeys. I’ve found my tribe!

Love, Melissa

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