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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on August 21, 2016. #1 of 110 Reviews

I took part in the November 2015 retreat (10 days).

I had my first Ayahusca experience in 2013 – a retreat just outside Iquitos, Peru. I had an amazing experience, but it did not really cross my mind to do it again until fairly recently when the opportunity arised (work contract ended). I decided to take a few weeks off to go to South America. I wanted to experience an Ayahusca ceremony in Colombia, so after researching, I settled on Eagle Condor Alliance.

The location is beautiful- Santa Elena, a quiet rural setting in mountain region, aprox 1 hour from Medellin. The views are honestly breath-taking, the air is clean, and the tap water is drinkable. The accommodation is very comfortable, private room, lovely bed, hot showers, wifi, a communal area to relax, and the food was the best I had during my whole trip in South America.

The facilitators – Hans-Peter, Jesse and Bobby were remarkable, I put my full trust in them, I really needed them with me as the ceremonies got very intense, and they were there by my side (I could not have been through it without them).
I am truly thankful to them, for their assistance in my every need, their wisdom, brotherhood, friendship and sense of humour.

I admit before booking, I was slightly apprehensive about staying in comfortable accommodation, eating well, and being with ‘non-native facilitators’ (all these details were in contrast to my first retreat in Peru) – but I can honestly say that this only added greatly to my whole experience; the experiences I had during the medicine ceremonies is evident of this. The Yage ceremonies were a lot stronger than I experienced in Peru.

I partook in 2 San Pedro Ceremonies, 3 Yage, and 3 sweat lodges – all were unique, and were conducted under the guidance of Gonzalo (Red Road healer), Greison (Yage healer), and our facilitators who are fluent in Spanish and were able to translate for the participants.
I thank the healers for their love, guidance, protection, wisdom and knowledge.
It was a beautiful experience to sit in the sweat-lodge and finca chanting together in sync, and the chants are one of the greatest souvenirs I have bought back with me.

The ceremonies left me with the most profound experience of my life.
I did not know where to begin to ask what I wanted from the medicine ceremonies, but I realised in my heart I took away more than my mind could ask for or even comprehend.

It can take a lot of hard work and stress to settle on a particular organisation, I can wholeheartedly say, I have found ‘my’ organisation in the Eagle Condor Alliance, and I have no need to look elsewhere for future ceremonies.
I am sure I will be back again…

Bless you all, Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!!!

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