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Tarapoto, Peru

Reviewed on August 31, 2019. #1 of 55 Reviews

I can’t recommend Lotus Vine highly enough. I’m fairly regularly asked for recommendations about authentic safe places to journey with Aya and until I went to the Lotus Vine retreat I didn’t have a place that I felt comfortable about recommending. My last experience of meeting Aya was remarkable – but it was deep in the jungle and the the trip organiser couldn’t ensure our safety physically or energetically during or between drinking ceremonies.
Spring Washam is an extraordinary facilitator. She and the Maestro ensured that were strongly held and supported as we went through out individual dance with Mother Aya. I’m not a Buddhist – but have experience of Buddhist practices and found the meditation and dharma teachings to be a beautiful fusion with the Sacred Plant Medicine.
Run with great integrity and impeccability this journey enabled me to receive very powerful and deep healing. I’m extraordinarily grateful, to Spring, El Mastro, Hugo, Janeth and of course sacred Mother Aya for making this possible.
I was a woman travelling alone and this is an absolutely safe retreat experience for women travellers, people beginning their journey with Aya or anyone wanting to feel the deep love that Lotus Vine engenders.I plan to return next year.

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