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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on April 10, 2018. #1 of 404 Reviews

Ayahuasca’s powerful healing: It is necessarily difficult. It is genuine. I came to Arkana seeking real change, and of course, this is entirely up to me. What the Arkana experience gave me was a combination of insight, motivation, mystery, ritual, reflection, and a holistic toolset with which to make whatever changes I deem necessary.

Now, at this moment, I am exactly one week beyond my time at Arkana in the Amazon jungle. I sit on my darkened back patio, macbook in lap.. armed with Mapacho and Agua de Florida (but not much left) to reflect and share. Sigh… I finally can.

Expect this: personal challenge. You will be only slightly uncomfortable during your stay. It is, simply put, a perfect discomfort, forged in mosquitoes, jungle humidity and natural intimidation. Welcome the unfamiliarity and sincerely acknowledge your own shit. Get used to it and revel in it, for it serves a purpose. It’s more than okay. You are among friends.

Hope for this: Gracious and insightful hosts. Mine were Weronka and Rob, Chris, Falcon, and other very important servants which I cannot name but must commend. My meditations were expertly guided, my ears received magical, purposeful sounds, and I never entered any ceremony space unprepared or ignorantly irreverent. My sparse room was consistently cleaned and the toilets served their magical purpose of removing, as I have said, our own human shit. Good riddance, and thank you, toilets. More importantly, thank you, caring human guides. You were always exactly where we needed you to be, and the love flowed freely from the moment of our arrival.

Look forward to this: Scheduled and seemingly obligatory ‘group share’ conversations which occur the morning after each Ayahuasca ceremony. Just when you think you can’t possibly find the words to frame your personal experience, you will. And as you enter the maloca to flop down on your best friend for the week (love that well-placed, clean and soothing mattress), you might be tempted to feel ambivalent about the experience of your fellow Aya adventurers. Make no mistake. This is likely the richest vein of experience – revealed just for you. They, like you, will share things that truly matter and I invite you to take in every word, despite your initial perception of hungover aya exhaustion.

Revel in this: You are (albeit temporarily) an organism in the jungle of Amazonian Peru. You’ll learn something that your ancestors’ ancestors pushed aside generations ago. Let it envelop you; for there is no more LIVING place on earth. You will make peace with the humongous spider under your bed. You’ll learn to check every article of clothing before you don it. Expect ants in your sweetened teacup. I promise you, it will all work perfectly, harmoniously. You will be the recipient of one thousand mosquito bites and it is the smallest of cover charges, considering the payoff.

Yep. Cold showers. Yep. Barfing and bowel-control exercises await you. So, however, do icaros that will dwell in your ears for eternity.

Trust me, fellow urban dwellers/seekers. It is all perfect and you will know it soon enough. It all starts when you click ‘book now’. Without knowing what you are seeking, I promise that clicking that button means that you will never be the same. And it is such a good, good transformation!

Do. It.

Oh, and whatever you do, DON”T elect to skip Sapo. Fear not and give your entire self to this experience. There IS MEDICINE IN PERU.

Blessings to all who cradled me in their safe and competent, loving arms. Your guidance has made all the difference, and your work echoes in every life you’ve so deeply touched.

‘Somebody take me to the jungle!’ LOL @ my ignorance, my impulse to perform and my blissful surrender to source. Finally.

Compelled by an unexpected tugging and feeling of connection with the citizens of Libertad, I promise to return. And soon.

This time, I intend to give as much as I know Ill receive. We’ll fix that generator..!

So. Much. Love.


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