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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on September 11, 2018. #1 of 420 Reviews

I went to Arkana near the end of August this past summer. My experience there was absolutely incredible. Arkana is a space of pure love. Over the one week I was there, I really connected with myself and the jungle. I learned so much about myself and I think because I was really open to the Ayahuasca I was able to have the experience I needed to move forward with my life. The center is absolutely beautiful and is just on the river in the Amazon rainforest. The helpers there are literally angels and were very friendly and helpful whenever we needed it. A big shout out to Angel, Nidia and Sarah for being great teachers as well as helpers. The shamans at Arkana were astonishing and had so much love to give. Their singing of the Icaros was beautiful and they created a protected space for healing and self-exploration. There were a lot of activities during the day like fishing, exploring the jungle and yoga which I really enjoyed. I also really liked how they offered other medicines other than Ayahuasca such as Kambo, Nunu, and Sappo. These medicines made my healing and experience exponentially greater. Overall my experience at Arkana was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I would highly recommend this retreat center to anyone who is looking to do Ayahuasca in a protected space of love.

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