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Gaia Sagrada Shamanic Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on October 13, 2017. #1 of 207 Reviews

I can’t wait to go back to Gaia Sagrada. Everything about the center surpassed my expectations. They need to get Salvador a shirt with a big “S” on it because he is a Superman. Major gifts were bestowed upon me during his ceremonies. Christine Breese is a very advanced person and quite frankly I’m not sure earthlings deserve to have her among us. She and the healers on staff helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I think going there, even just for the 5 day retreat– which was all I had time for– was probably the equivalent of 1 year of intensive therapy. And it would have to be an exceptional therapist to equal what Salvador and Christine and Jerry (and their guest shamans) did for me, and it’s almost impossible to find such a good therapist, so just go to Gaia Sagrada. They seem to know so much about the processes that humans go through, I think they could probably help anyone with anything. Many positives about the center and facilities: delicious food, magical surroundings, no mosquitoes, ample water and hot water, warm bed, decent wifi even, in the central area. I could go on and on, and yes there were some slight negatives, but they had to do with my feelings about the travel scene and also some quirks about Ecuador. Anyway it really was quite an adventure. Thank you to everyone at Gaia Sagrada. The permanent staff they have, and their m.o. for taking care of their guests, is exceptional and helped restore my faith in goodness. I hope to return very soon. If you are lucky enough to go, I hope you have a beautiful experience too.

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