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Otorongo Center

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on November 16, 2019. #1 of 5 Reviews

I was supposed to spend one week at the Otorongo centre in October. Unfortunately me and other participants left after the first ceremony.

I expressed my interest in taking part in the retreat about a month before it was supposed to start. I completed the medical form and was invited to participate. I was still hesitating and looking for other options, but about three weeks before the retreat suddenly got an email from Luke that if I don’t send 50% of the total by Western Union now, my place would be given to someone else. Well, form what other participants told me apparently at that time only one more person expressed their interest in taking part in the same retreat.

The two of us who arrived together we were asked the rest of he money just before the ceremony. Guido appeared in our rooms just when we were heading to the maloca. That’s not the best moment I would say, but the two other participants were asked for it just after crossing the river, without even reaching the Otorongo Centre apparently.

The ayahuasca brew they served caused nothing but whole body shaking and a very painful purge, which lasted for hours, in all four participants, . There were some dark visions like behind a dark veil attached to it and no feelings at all. The strange thing was that all of us had the same experiences, which is something unusual for ayahuasca. When I accused them of adding toé to the brew, they denied it.

There was no communication at all with the owners or the “shaman” unless you spoke Spanish. I do speak some. Here is my conversation with the “shaman” on the next day: “Why did all of us have the same experiences?”, answer: “I don’t know.” “Can you tell a bit about your experience?” Shaman: “I have seen a big colourful bird above all of us.” “But can you maybe tell a bit about ourselves? How do you see us?” (Well, this is why we all go all the way down to Peru, isn’t it?), answer: “You are good people.”

In terms of facilities, I did not really expect internet connection of any type there, but I thought I would be able to charge my phone in order to take some photos, use the torch or read the books I had downloaded before. Unfortunately, no such an option was provided.

After we left, I received an email from Otorongo Centre happily announcing the they had fired the old “shaman” and now they have a new one. Well, what does it have to do with me? I lost lots of money for the retreat and the flight ticket from London and back. I asked the for a partial refund of $200, but received no reply from them.

Overall, it was a bad experience. I would not recommend retreats at Otorongo Centre to anyone, especially if you come from far away. Don’t be deceived by the price. One can say :”You get what you pay for.” Well, you don’t get even that.

I can prove the review is honest and accurate by showing email exchange with Luke and WhatsApp conversation with other participants.

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