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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on December 17, 2018. #1 of 107 Reviews

I’ve been to Nimea Kaya for my very first ayahuasca experience in February 2018 and couldn’t have chosen a better retreat.
This magical place and its staff are very welcoming and beyond supportive, the bungalows simple but cozy and there’s lush nature all around. The food was absolutely amazing and to this day I make their legendary green smoothie for breakfast. I really enjoyed all the offered activities during the 9 day retreat, especially that we helped to prepare our own ayahuasca brew ( we used it for ceremony 3& 4), a visit to a Shipibo village that was a 2h boat ride up the Ucayali river and the nature medicine walk.
The preparations leading towards the first ceremony were outstanding – most of us never worked with mother ayahuasca before and we could always share our concerns/ fears/ questions with any of the staff. On ceremony days we prepared ourselves with only a light lunch, an afternoon off or yoga and meditation in the maloka .
The ceremonies were always lead by two Shipibo shamans ( male and female) and facilitators with a very high staff – guest ratio.
I felt safe and in good, professional hands throughout the ceremony and knew someone would be with me shortly in case I needed support.
Despite the fact that I had a really, really tough time during each of the 3 ceremonies I attended ( skipped the 4th one) , I learned so much about myself and my life has completely changed since then.
What I really want to highlight is that the volunteers went above and beyond as I definitely was a case that needed some extra love and support.
I arrived at Nimea Kaya with a great deal of emotional baggage, traumas, 3 different, serious auto-immune diseases with multiple sclerosis being just one.
I had a volunteer sit with me pretty much during each ceremony, just holding my hand or comforting me, they knew exactly what I needed in that moment and I’m forever grateful for their care and support helping me in my own healing process.

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