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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on April 15, 2019. #1 of 420 Reviews

I visited Arkana for two weeks in the Amazonian jungle in February 2018 and could not have been more pleased with my experience.

The food was not only healthy, it tasted phenomenal. The location was peaceful and allowed for a lot of time for self-reflection since internet is almost nonexistent. Some people may not like this aspect, but I think it was vital for my healing process.

The classes on meditation, yoga, and transformational breath work were a fantastic added bonus. Extracurricular activities involved animals and nature which were the perfect break when processing and re-living trauma.

I really can’t say enough great things about the facilitators. They always knew the right advice to give me, and you could tell they genuinely cared about helping others. The shamans were incredible people who decided from an early age to dedicate their lives to serving others and continuing the Shipibo and other ancient traditions. This wisdom is essential for humankind and is quickly being lost in our modern world.

I loved having a group of people to experience ayahuasca together. The group shares each morning after ceremony were sometimes difficult, but I realized they provided me with the most benefit. There is something really powerful about opening up and being vulnerable with others which I had never really done before. Going through a challenging experience like ayahuasca together quickly turns strangers into friends. You’re left feeling like you have a small family all over the world after your time at Arkana.

I cannot recommend this retreat enough! If you feel drawn to the center, just go. It will change your life in miraculous ways you can’t imagine.

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