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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on February 18, 2020. #1 of 420 Reviews

It has been about a month since I first ventured into the Amazon jungle and arrived at Arkana Spiritual Centre. This was my first Ayahuasca retreat and I can not imagine going anywhere else in the future. The whole process runs like a well oiled machine; the activities were great, the food was nourishing, Jose and the team of facilitators are a group of warm, insightful, and magical humans. They each care deeply, hold space for each individual and have an ability to create a feeling of safety and trust almost immediately. The energy in the jungle brings another level of magic to the experience. Combined with the power of the shamans, this is an experience not to miss. Working with the shames, especially Justina was beautiful and if nothing else, I feel blessed to have witnessed their culture so intimately. This was one of the most significant weeks of my life. I have come back to friends and family saying that I am radiating a new energy that they just can’t quite put their finger on. I cannot wait to continue my integration and return for more. Thank you, Arkana.

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