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Rainforest Healing Center

Listed in Ayahuasca, Kambo

Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on February 8, 2017. #1 of 48 Reviews

i really don’t know how to start…i am completely astonished by the great job these guys are doing! All we found there was coming straight from their heart and their desire of accompany us toward a successful healing process.

The property itself is blessed with a special glow of peace and the surrounding plants already generously emanate a medicinal air for us to brethe all day long, which aids to the purpose.
Everybody that works at the center is so devoted and puts the heart in all activities. We always felt support coming from everybody, they went WELL BEYOND the extra mile to make us feel safe and understood, every step of the way. Well organised and knowledgeable too.

Omar, the owner of the center is an incredible lovable character and once we met him it was clear that the whole idea came straight out of his heart. He shows his genuine interest in helping us finding that self love we all deeply long for.

Karin, is the first contact we got with the center, she immediately gives out the feeling of being available to help us on keeping up with the commitment, even as a loving mom sometimes. It is incredible how she can always find the right words to make us feel her support.

Muri, such a good heart and a great help during the ceremonies. One of us. Good managing of the center and well prepared to answer all our technical questions.

Eren…no words to describe Eren! She works so hard and never lets us down, next to her we did the greatest part of the journey. After ourselves, she’s the first person we relied on, it must have been a whole lot of work for her, but she demonstrated to be so strong and capable of coping with us! She really helped directing our intentions for owr healing process.
This “counseling” time was really what made a difference in the whole experience!

Juan….the shaman. I had no idea there could be such a great amount of positive energy inside one man! All you can ask for and more, i feel so lucky he was on our side throughout this journey, making us feel always so safe.

La medicina if honor her, believe in her, work with her, let her guide you deep inside and up to your HigherSelf, She will never disappoint you. You will be so grateful 🙂

it is hard to believe somebody created such a wonderful place to go and heal our souls, we all should have the chance to visit Rainforest Healing Center once in our lives.

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