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Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

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1371 Hancock lone palm rd Orlando, Florida 32828

Reviewed on January 20, 2020. #1 of 72 Reviews

I found Soul Quest in the process of researching Psychedelics in 2018. I wanted to attend to trip on one of the most powerful substances, not the planet. I never went through, never felt the urge I guess. Fast-forward a year later I had made the decision to become vegan randomly and then a week after stumbled on the Soul Quest website and was reading about the process. At this time I was in deep depression and was looking for any way out. Once I found out that a vegan diet was a prereq to a good clean experience and that Ayahuasca was a healing medicine I made the decisions that next time I was back in Florida I was going to go. A series of crazy events later and I found myself back in Florida in November. I wanted to wait until the new year and so when my wife pushed me to book my retreat I did it Tuesday for the upcoming weekend.

I arrived with information from numerous stories of other’s experiences, but what I got was more than I could have ever expected. I arrived broken and not knowing why I left with an understanding that I had neglected myself and my own happiness to the point that it was lashing out at me. I learned about self-love and the importance of taking care of yourself. During my experience, I found a soothing voice inside of me that replaced the critical nagging one that lived there before. The hours I spent crying shed the years of pain that I had carried from not listening to my own needs.

I could write a multi-page story on my experience (as a matter of fact I am), but for the sake of a review, I will tell you that this is a must for anyone looking for healing. What I saw on my weekend will never be forgotten and I will return again to find out more of what my subconscious has hidden from me. Thank You so much Soul Quest!

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