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Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Reviewed on October 11, 2018. #1 of 28 Reviews

This is the second place I’ve been to work with Ayahausca and San Pedro, and we also had Wilca. Yowza!! My life has NOT been the same since! Miguel is so kind and centered. Whatever you’re going through, he is there with his grounded presence to help you through it. Rest assured, you will feel safe and taken care of at Chakapita. I had some very eye-opening experiences (third-eye-opening?? if you will?) at Chakapita, and the medicine is strong and it changed me physically and mentally. There are certain things about my life that have truly been transformed by the medicine and by working alongside such good people, and the lessons I’m learning continue to unfold months later. Also, small detail, but I loved all of the dogs on the property! Miguel’s family was also there, and it just felt very home-y and safe. He’s an experienced, benevolent, safe shaman who you can trust and the property is absolutely beautiful! The town of Vilcabamba is fun if you get the chance to hang out there, and we also went on a hike on San Pedro that was such a great journey and we got some beautiful views. Miguel definitely has a fine-tuned process and the order in which everything goes is perfect and I had to let go and just trust the process, and man I’m glad I did! Thank you thank you thank you, Miguel and everyone else who was there at Chakapita. This is a beautiful thing you are doing for the world.

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