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Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

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1371 Hancock lone palm rd Orlando, Florida 32828

Reviewed on November 28, 2018. #1 of 73 Reviews

My time at Soul Quest was absolutely wonderful. I received monumental blessings. Now I am super charged and more focused than ever in my walk of life.

The place is beautiful, it holds such good vibes. It’s a sublime atmosphere full of vibrant meditative art, there are so many cool things to look at. They had beautiful spiritual music playing the whole time and a cozy fire burning continually while we journeyed.

The shamanic breath workshop and yoga class we’re so good, I was able to take home many new techniques, inspiration, and wisdom.

Our day trip in the oak grove was truly divine. I’m remembering the radiant streams of sun rays shining through the trees, the angelic peaceful loving presence of the facilitators, and the glorious joy that bubbled up. I definitely experienced some of the most blissful moments of my life that day.

They had food after the ceremonies if you wanted a nice clean bite to eat. The best was the feast after the daytime ceremony, it was the best meal I’ve ever had, I could taste all of the love that was put into it as I sat outside gazing at the sky.

The people that work there are very good people, they are kind loving precious souls. I was able to trust them, they stuck it out with us through the nights, graciously helping out when we needed it. After ceremonies I was able to connect with them and they selflessly shared deep knowledge and truth with me, I learned so much and felt like I got the elevated association that I’ve been needing. I’m deeply humbled to have been blessed by their beautiful presence.

There is so much love at Soul Quest, they care for our souls, I felt at home. They help so many people, I saw so many radical true transformations in myself as well as in others that attended. The medicine is excellent and combined with their expert staff and the refined space they hold makes it a truly marvelous experience. It’s a very valuable place in this universe on this planet worthy of going to many times as a spiritual oasis. I am so blessed to have found Soul Quest. God loves us. Go to Soul Quest. Let God open your soul. Be Blessed.

P.S. Rapé and Kambo are awesome! Do it!

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