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Casa Del Sol

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Orillas del Río Uchima, Barrio Sacapo, Parroquia San Pedro de Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

Reviewed on January 30, 2019. #1 of 85 Reviews

It was truly an amazing week of healing, reconnecting with my spiritual side, reviving of energies and remembering who I am. Santiago and Ximena went above and beyond pouring loving, kind and caring energies to myself and all the participants who attended the retreat with me. I loved the location and nature, even though it takes long time to get to Vilkabamba – it was worth the time spent getting there. The retreat located in the beautiful lush green side of a mountain, there is a stream running through the property that turns into a river depending on amount of the rain.
I had attended medicine ceremonies before but I never witnessed so much sincere care and genuine kindness provided as Santiago and Ximena do. They gave exact individualized healing to each of the participant needed at that time as per our conversations at the daily sharing circle; and all benefitted from what was done and said in the ceremonies. Santiago and Ximena always facilitated heart-centered discussions amongst the participants to promote friendly and loving environment, where all felt welcomed, included without pressure, despite your spiritual knowledge, race, sexuality etc.
Every day was filled with a ceremony or healing circle; and I had a chance to get out to the near town- Vilkabamba for several outings: laundry, crafts shopping etc.
Food was healthy, vegetarian (with optional fish and chicken on some days) and in plenty amounts, 3x per day, except when required to fast for medicine ceremonies.
Rooms were simple and beds comfortable, I had couple suggestions to the owners – they were open and flexible to accommodate my requests.
Everything was healing and caring about this retreat, even scary-looking guard dog – Floky  was always attempting to lick my knee that I injured just before arriving to the retreat; I looked up that some dogs do that to help humans to facilitate healing injuries.
I am deeply grateful to the Shaman-Santiago, Ximena, their beautiful 4 kids (that occasionally popped at the retreat), Mateo-Shaman assistant and made-Nati for this amazing time I had at the retreat.
I am highly recommending this place if you are looking for a deep healing and spiritual growth.

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